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This is the place to do it. Just like articles/reviews you need to include a review when the video or audio isn't your own. When it is your work include a short description in the review area. The videos thumbnail will automatically be used as the posts visual. Always title your video's and audio's and select a category for them to go in. As a community we can learn a great deal from seeing and hearing each other's coaching sessions and interviews. Be sure if posting a session that you have a release giving you permission to share the session from any person who is in the session or interview. If reported your video or audio will be removed from site.


You go to articles whenever you want to post an article you have written, write a review of an article you like just put a link to that article with your review, and when you want to write a review of a book or film. Accompanying your article or review you should always include a photo or image that will help others associate to what you are writing. If you need ideas we have provided you with an image library to use as often as you like. You will also choose what category and sub category your article or review go into. When writing your own article please include a short description in the review area. Pick a category for your article/review to go under from our list of categories and subcategories. If non of the pre made categories fit your subject then select other and create your own category. Categories are general topics and areas of interest, they are not names of authors or places.


Your blog is a great way to share with the community. When a member or free user reads one of your blogs or posts they may choose to go to your profile and read more of what you have to say. You do have the option to make your blogs private, for friends only, or public for all to read.


Have you ever wanted to know what hundreds of people would answer to a question. This is what polls are for. Let's say you are trying to decide what to title your first book. You can take a poll of Coach Revolution members asking them to choose between your top two names.


A place to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions about anything relevant to the group. For example if you are on a Parenting Teens Group you wouldn't want to bring up a question about Marketing your coaching practice.


We encourage you to friend as many Coach Revolutionists as you like. Your friends will be able to message you and will appear on your profile under friends so you can quickly check what they are up to.


Just like on Face book you can instant message your friends. If they aren't online don't worry your message will be waiting for them.

Other Features

  • Comments You always have the option to write a comment under a review, article, video, blog, or audio you read, watch or listen to. Your comments are valuable! We hope you comment as often as possible. Comments help all of us grow and understand what our readers think. Please, be polite, enthusiastic and kind in your comments. If you disagree or feel critical remember to share your thoughts in a constructive spirit with the purpose of helping not hurting.
  • Favorite When you really like a post of any type Audio, Video, Article, Review, or Blog you have the option to Favorite that post. What you favorite will appear in your Member Profile under Favorites. When another member visits your profile they can get a sense of who you are by viewing all your favorites.
  • My Page When you are a Coach Revolutionist you get your own profile page. This is a place where others can see your blog, your posts (articles, videos, audios, and reviews) and your favorites. Remember you always have the option to make everything either Private (only for you), Public (for everyone) and Friends Only (just for those members who are your friends.)
  • Directory When you become a Coach Revolutionist you can choose to be part of the directory. You choose what details you want to appear.
  • Discuss This area lets you have focussed conversation around a topic. Unlike groups Discussions are about one question or idea and they are for all members to read independent of what group a member belongs to.
  • Like When you read a member's post you have the option to like it and to comment on it. The number of likes a post squires will show up under details about the post. Member can search for most liked posts to hear what the coach revolution community likes.