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1. Very quick intro

Hello, and welcome to Coach Revolution! Thanks for dropping by.

This site is all about helping you learn more in the area of psychology, coaching, and personal development, while at the same time finding like-minded friends, clients and coaches. My name is Magali Peysha, and I created Coach Revolution with the help of my husband Mark Peysha. After training over 3500 students as Strategic Intervention Coaches, we decided the world was ready for a worldwide community of coaches. This is where you can share, learn and grow together. I believe that through contributing our articles, reviews, videos, and blogs we create a revolutionary body of work.

This is not only a place to learn. This is also a place to have discussions and join together. I want you to be able to create groups around coaching specialties and interests, as well as follow your favorite members, so you are learning from them every day.

At Coach Revolution we try to create an atmosphere of growth, encouragement, individuality, creativity and community. That’s it. Hope you like it.

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Now, you can get on with exploring the site.

You’re going to find here an immense variety of learning materials from a cross-section of psychology, coaching, social sciences, spirituality, strategy, and personal development.

All this is searchable by topics, groups, articles, videos, books, reviews and blogs. You can also search what’s new and what’s hot (what we’ve chosen for you to check out). Alternatively, you can use keywords to search within a content type, like video.

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As a member, you get your own page inside the site. This is like having your own website with built-in visitors. Would you like your own blog, where you can share your best thinking, writing, videos, books, interests, and specialties? This is where potential clients, coaches, and friends can learn all about you, and read, see, and experience your interests, your people, your tastes, and your activities. Coach Revolution makes it easy to share through every social media platform. You also get a journal area where you control who gets to read what you write.

5. Groups

Have a particular interest or specialty? Join a group or make your own and start a movement. Go ahead and check out all the groups right away. Groups are a way to connect with new friends around similar interests, locations, specialties, and life stages.

The conversation is going 24/7 with members all around the world.

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We want you to be able to let your friends know about what you are learning, doing and publishing on Coach Revolution. This means when you publish content, reviews, or comments you can share them simultaneously with your friends outside of Coach Revolution too. Now you’ll have endless quality ideas to share.