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  • Love yourself

    Fall in love with yourself!


    The Little Engine That Could is a timeless children's book from 1930. This story is still used to teach children the value of optimism and hard work. I love this book. When I was a kid, I didn't enjoy eating food. My patents had to persuade me to eat by asking me to imagine a little engine inside me that I needed to fuel so I could play, work hard and have a happy attitude. I am so glad that I took their advice because to this day I like to eat all kinds of food from different cultures. I have them to thank for my appreciation for the variety of foods on my pallet. 


    My training with Robbins-Madanes deepened my belief in this engine. I have learned the following are just as important because they fuel our engines by enhancing self-worth: 


    1. Repeating Affirmations

    • “I can do it!”

    • “I know what I am doing”


    2. Appreciating myself

    • “I am a good _____ (brother/sister/mother/father/son/daughter/wife/husband etc.)”

    • “I am helpful, loving and sincere”


    3. Accepting that no one is perfect

    • “I am not perfect and I like myself”

    • “I will learn from my mistakes”


    4. Taking responsibility

    • “I choose to think of myself as a good person”

    • “I choose to make my own choices”


    5. Using kind language

    • “I deserve to be good to myself”

    • “I deserve to speak to myself with kindness”


    6. Using good posture

    • “I command my power”

    • “I respect myself”


    7. Enunciating words

    • “I will talk softly and slowly”

    • “I will think before I speak”


    8. Having faith and accepting support

    • “I deserve to give myself support”

    • “I have faith in myself and the divine power above”


    9. Forgiving, having gratitude and letting go of negative people

    • “I deserve to be in the presence of good people”

    • “Love wins all; Thank you love”


    10. Learning more

    • “I can learn to empower myself”

    • “I can learn to do anything I choose”


    have printed this list and posted it on my wall next to my dressing table. This acts as a reminder to make these actions a part of my daily routine so I can transform into who I want to become.

    I challenge you to do the same.




    Ukasha Malik

    Strategic Intervention Life Coach


    Key Words: confidence  love  selfesteem  selfworth  grownup 
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