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The Case For Children's Poetry



This is a wonderful article about the importance of Poetry in our lives. I was doing a little research for my daughter, who is a seventeen year old poet, when I came across this piece. 


As coaches we are often given the opportunity to help a client become more creative and expressive. This article expresses how important poetry is to our development as children and as adults. 


When Andrew Motion former Poet Laureate speaks of poetry he says, "it allows children to feel a profound sense of connection with their interior spaces, and also to make links with the wider world which lies around them. It is a representation of life, which is also a kind of life in itself - a self-sufficient delight, which is simultaneously a way of looking forward and preparing to meet the future; a confirmation of the self, which nevertheless allows the growth of sympathy with others.”


Morag Styles is a professor of Children's Poetry and organizes festivals, anthologies and classes in the area of Children's Poetry.

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  • Sherry Seymour
    Sherry Seymour Magali, a wonderful article. I LOVE LOVE LOVE poetry and always used it with my children. Sometimes in the form of chants to help them remember things they found difficult to learn. Our favourites are Robert Service, Shel Silverstein, a local author, my ...  more
    October 4